From the President...

Welcome to the Indianapolis Illini Club!

The central Indiana area is home to a large number of University of Illinois alumni, their families and friends.  We are an organization affiliated with the University of Illinois Alumni Association and strive to provide opportunities for all of us to come together and have fun while building relationships, learning and helping others.

Our club is inclusive.  Anyone - whether an alum, family of an alum or simply a friend of the University – is welcome to join us, and there are no membership dues.   We have a small board of volunteer officers who work to organize events specifically for our members.  We attempt to schedule a variety of events so that there will be something for everyone, whether you are interested in sports, culture, networking or community service.  Additionally, we endeavor to make many of our events family-oriented so that all ages are welcome.

We hope that you will not only join us, but become active in the club.  We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and having fun as we celebrate our link to our great alma mater.

Best regards,


Karen Lobdell, President

Indianapolis Illini Club

Welcome again and I hope to see you soon!